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Media Planning

Media Planning

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«Whatever it takes to accomplish your goals»

Media Sphaera studies the various communication media available, verifying how they are used and experienced by the different targets, in order to propose to its clients only those media deemed appropriate to achieve the company’s goals.
Being aware that today, more than ever before, the container of the message is as important as its content for the purpose of communication, Media Sphaera offers very high-profile media services specifically created and tailored for each campaign.
The constant dialogue between a company and its targets, is influenced above all by the media chosen to establish that contact. It is therefore important for an expert Team to carry out media research, planning and buying activities, and collaborate in the monitoring and final evaluation of the advertising campaign.
Vito Papa, leveraging on his experience as Communication Manager for major companies and important advertising agencies, follows an accurate and effective working method that encompasses 5 fundamental steps:

  1. Identification of the most appropriate advertising context, analysis of different target groups and evaluation of the competitive landscape. (media research)

  2. Classification of the product/service’s unique selling proposition, market trends, and geo-cultural characteristics of the reference area

  3. Identification of the most appropriate communication media and definition of budget allocation and campaign timing, establishing the most effective media mix. (media planning)

  4. Acquisition of advertising spaces on behalf of clients, thanks to the relationships with agencies, as a result of many years of experience and relational skills (media buying)

  5. Dynamic evaluation of the planned campaign and monitoring of the quality of contents and messages conveyed, correct use of advertising materials, exposure adequacy.