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«Advertising? Paid for with merchandise»
Vito Papa

An economic crisis, as is often the case, brings challenges and opportunities at the same time. Having to face complex problems, such as communication budget cuts due to declining market shares, then a simple idea that harks back to primitive activities becomes an opportunity of inestimable value.
Bartering, that is exchanging advertising services for products, has become an increasingly common practice, because it’s effective and convenient: in this way companies are given the possibility to pay for the purchase of advertising spaces with their own goods.
The merchandise is then placed in accordance with the terms and conditions agreed with the client/advertiser, who obtains in exchange the ad spaces identified in the media planning phase, with a consequent mutual offset of invoices.

A client may pursue its advertising campaign without impacting its own liquidity, acquiring new sales channels, increasing revenues and enhancing the value of stock surplus.

Over the years Media Sphaera has developed a wide network of consolidated relationships also in international markets, allowing its clients to achieve unexpected and profitable sales expansions, with consequent increases in revenues.

Bartering has proved an effective system strongly focussed on a company’s needs without affecting the priorities of its marketing strategy.